World 1, The Final Frontier.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 is what I’m discussing this week ladies and gentleman. As you all my have figured by now, I’m a huge Nintendo fan boy and I was anticipating that I was going to give this game a 9/10 as soon as I first played it. The world surprises you sometimes, however. I inserted the game into my Wii and started a new game. What is this? Could my guess have been wrong? It was like some kind of drug! It was a 15/10! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!

Everything that was beautiful about the first Super Mario Galaxy is still there with the addition of Yoshi. The controls are still as user firendly as ever. Believe me, there’s a reason why all Mario home ┬áconsole games since Super Mario 64 haven’t had many changes to the controls. In this one there is the addition of the chance for a second player to pick up a remote and play as a “Co-Star Luma” to assist Mario in his planet trekking.

The most interesting difference between this one and the previous one is the addition of the old “World 1, World2, etc.” format of the older Mario games. On the map a big spaceship which is also an effigy of Mario’s head zooms across the planets carrying Mario to his next stomping grounds. Ahem, that pun was intended!

It may not have stunning HD graphics but it looks great for what it’s purpose is. All the planetoids look good. The cartoony appearance of the game is done perfectly yet again as it was with the first Super Mario Galaxy.

If there was a Nintendo theme park, this would be my favorite ride!

Mamma-mia! My pizza! Itsa done! Itsa time-ah to go back to playing Super Mario Galaxy 2-ah!

(No offense to any Italians or Italian Americans who may read this =])