Alien Disco Safari

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Just be glad you didn’t buy this game.

I swore I wasn’t going to get one…

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…But now I’m going to have to.  A stupid official Nintendo video from there Youtube page has just sold a 3DS, probably a whole lot of them.  Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton in a game collaborated by Level 5 and Capcom The developers of the two games.  Together. In the same game.



A Youtube comment sums this up batter than I ever could:


That is all.

22 games in 9 minutes

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Made with the Mario Paint Composer.

Kill Screen 2010

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Strange Super Mario Bros. 3

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For every good hack, there are dozens of bad ones. Like this hack of Super Mario Bros. 3 where the levels are changed around to produce blind drops, vomit-inducing colors, and lots of frustration.

I don’t do so well at it.

Castlevania: Orchestra of Despair

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Okay, altering the graphics of Mario games? Yeah, they’re occasionally pretty hilarious, but maybe you want more. Okay, how about a Castlevania game that has had the graphics redone and the levels changed around?

What would you think of that?

Galaga Trek

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Let’s step away from Mario games for a moment and go to the old-school shoot ‘em ups, specifically, what Galaga might look like if the ship in the game were replaced with the Enterprise from Star Trek for some reason.

It might be a better show if I didn’t suck so bad at this game, but I never claimed to be good at Galaga… or Star Trek.

Mario Wish All

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I don’t really know what to say about this game, Mario turns into a half-car hybrid, pipes get converted into houses, and fireballs turn into tiny stick figures. Plus lots of other small touches. I can’t even begin to fathom this thing.

I love it.

Super Abe Bros

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Most of the ROM hacks I come across are just plain old Super Mario Bros. with some kind of skin on top of Mario and pals. But occasionally I’ll run across a game that’s something else… like Super Mario Bros. 3 with a different skin on it. Like Mario and Luigi dressed up like Abraham Lincoln.

Yeah, all that stuff.


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Continuing our journey down the sometimes twisted world of ROM hackery, this week I bring you a game where Pac-Man must save Ms. Pac-Man from… some kind of wizardy vampire guy. I might not be up on my Pac-Man lore to know who he is, heck, I didn’t even really remember that Pac-Man having much lore.

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