Modern Warfare

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If you’re a fan of Modern Warfare and also a fan of the fans of Modern Warfare, you may just like this.


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Tom Servo

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If you’ve never seen Mystery Science Theater 3000, you might not get much out of this post. Sorry about that.

But we continue our journey through the wilderness of unlicensed and bizarre Nintendo game hacks with Tom Servo. A game that takes the sprites of Mega Man 3 and replaces them with characters from the MST3K universe as well as a pretty big assortment of randomness.

I blow a lot of jumps in this video, mostly because Tom doesn’t have feet, so it’s kind of tough to determine how close he is to the edge of a platform. And I don’t know what Kenny from South Park has to do with Mystery Science Theater 3000.

But then I repeat to myself, “It’s just a video game, I should really just relax”.

employee of the month?

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Wilford Kong

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What’s that I hear you say? Last week’s Super Riker hacked ROM wasn’t enough for you? Well how about a game where Wilford Brimley and his oatmeal take the place of Donkey Kong?

It’s kind of hard to see in the video above, but the barrels, jacks, and trouble bugs have been changed to bowls of oatmeal, the timer has been changed to ‘fiber’, the hammers appear to be spoons, and Pauline’s belongings have been replaced by foods.

How cool is that?

Double Retro Monday

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That’s right folks, not one but two games this week.  I know I know, I give too much, but it’s who I am.

First up is Color Theory.


Color Theory is a puzzle platformer where you have to use colors to manipulate the stages.  The concept of the game is kind of difficult to understand without actually seeing it or playing it…so here’s a picture.

color2 Basically you hit the different color plus signs to add or remove parts of the stage to progress.  There are also combined color signs that remove the colors that were used to make that color.  The game apparently works on the additive theory of colors which is all explained if you click the how to play button and click more info.  But I’ll save you some time, jut play it and you’ll figure it out, there’s no need to go and make this educational if we don’t have to.  The routs are usually fairly obvious but challenging enough to make it fun.  The game introduces new mechanics the farther you get into it, but I’ll save those for you to find out.  The levels are fairly short and there are only 30 of them so beating the game is not a big task,  I think I did it in about 20 minutes.  The game is well thought out and (except for the music) and enjoyable to the last level so i reccomend you head here and give it a whirl.


Second on the list today is Super PSTW!


Super Press Space To Win is an rpg of sorts (as the title implies) but only in a vague sense.  You control a stick figure wielding a sword and your only mission is to hit the space bar a bunch of times.


Super PSTW is super easy, I’m not really sure you can even lose, but you do most certainly have to press the space button. As far as I can tell about the plot of the game, you seem to be a black man facing off against various other colors of men and even a small blue thing.  It takes about 4 minutes to beat and leaves you with out too much satisfaction at the end, much like most rpgs I’ve ever played.  So give it a shot, it’s free and i hear the plot rivals FFXIII without all of that walking around to get in the way.


So if you have a few minutes to waste head on over here and waste away. 

Have a great week and let me know what you think of this weeks crap..i mean post.

Tyler, we hardly knew ye

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xbox 360 + u.s. army = ?

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Super Riker

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I guess I haven’t been paying enough to the Old Game ROM Manipulation Scene, but it turns out that there is a group of people that are dedicated to taking old games, especially Super Mario Bros., slightly (and sometimes not so slightly) modifying them to create something… different?

Like Super Riker. I guess that someone somewhere thought that Mario sans hat looks kind of like Cmdr. Riker from Star Trek: TNG after he grew that sweet man-stache, so they decided to cram those two worlds together to get… Well, here’s a taste

Try to not pay too much attention to the oddly-spelled words. I think they add some charm.

Ready, Set, GO!!!!!!!

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I don’t know why i never thought to do this at any of the LAN parties I was at in my youth, it would have been a great idea.  Since this video was posted in 2006 I may be a little late to the ball, but its new to me, so enjoy it for my sake.


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