Tom Servo

Filed under: Misc,Potant Potables — Will @ 10:00 am August 25, 2010

If you’ve never seen Mystery Science Theater 3000, you might not get much out of this post. Sorry about that.

But we continue our journey through the wilderness of unlicensed and bizarre Nintendo game hacks with Tom Servo. A game that takes the sprites of Mega Man 3 and replaces them with characters from the MST3K universe as well as a pretty big assortment of randomness.

I blow a lot of jumps in this video, mostly because Tom doesn’t have feet, so it’s kind of tough to determine how close he is to the edge of a platform. And I don’t know what Kenny from South Park has to do with Mystery Science Theater 3000.

But then I repeat to myself, “It’s just a video game, I should really just relax”.