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I want to point out that this headline is intentionally written in all caps because the title of the game itself is screaming at you. The official website displays it as such, so who am I to tone down their obvious fervor? A quick Google search leads to several sites who dared to deflate UFC UNDISPUTED 2010′s intensity. I expect to see those websites sporting casts, crutches, and many bruises before long.

That being said, I’m not going to spend much time talking about this week’s PSN freebie demo. It’s an Ultimate Fighting Championship video game – you probably know what to expect. I loaded it up, picked a random fighter from the 6-7 man roster, then mashed buttons. I’m sure that the truly hardcore UFC fans will get more out of this demo and game (which releases May 25, 2010) than I did, and I’m happy for them. I feel like I played a boxing game instead of a mixed martial arts game, but again, I’m sure this is largely due to my ignorance in the ways of the UFC and its caged, octagonal bloodsport.

The demo touted UNDISPUTED 2010′s new tournament modes, career building, and online capabilities. Graphically, it looked like a fighting game should look inĀ  2010: the character models were lifelike in that they sweat profusely, bled appropriately (unlike some games), and noticeably wore down as the match went on. The mechanics of the game, admittedly lost on me, were at least responsive. Seriously, by now, you know if you’re going to pick up a game starts out with the letters UFC. If so, then you’re likely going to enjoy UNDISPUTED 2010. If not, take comfort in the fact that you’re not playing a UFC game.