Tiny Castle

Filed under: Web Games — Cameron @ 2:37 pm May 17, 2010


Well, once again its Monday, booo.  How about some Tiny Castle to get your week started off?!  Tiny Castle, much like every platform game before it, is a save the princess game.   Your mission is to traverse the obstacles of the castle and try to make your way to the princess locked in a cage.


The picture may make it look easy….and it is, but its not that easy.  Tiny Castle’s landscape changes every time you complete a new part of the game taking the princess further away from your grasp.  The puzzles are fairly straight forward, smash this thing, unlock that door, kill that thing, but they all seemed pretty well thought out and I felt like I was playing something pretty solid.


The game isn’t very long and it isn’t very difficult, but it is a lot of fun.  The controls are simple, arrow keys to move and space to use your sword.  The puzzles and classic side scrolling chop-em-up action never got tiring and i enjoyed it all the way through its big boss level.

You can play it here at Nitrome or just hit the link above.