Huge Wastes of Time

Filed under: Web Games — Cameron @ 4:01 pm May 24, 2010

Well, with the finale of LOST done and over, and with most viewers left wanting more, i thought i would point you guys toward The Lost Experience.  TLE was a web/TV/newsprint based tie in to the popular series that gave background information about the Hanso corporation.  It was laid out like a puzzle where you got clues “subliminally” given to you by quick flashes of fake commercials showed on TV during LOST.  I won’t take the time to walk you through it since the LOST wiki does such a good job.  It launched in 2006 and ended the same year I believe, so unfortunately most of the info is no longer at the old websites, but you can still see it all on the wiki.  So for all you fans out there that want more check it out.

Now on to more time wasting.


Yes that is a turtle in a cannon, the game is called Toss the Turtle and you have only one goal, shoot a turtle out of a cannon.  Its pretty much like all the other games were you try and launch something as far as you can, its got upgrades for your tank that launch the turtle farther, rockets to propel him faster, nukes to send him flying and various bonuses lying about the stages.  And since it’s on Kongregate  you have the option to sign in and get achievements and who doesn’t like achievements?  Here’s a fella getting the 3,000,000 feet achievement that i could not, after 4 hours of play, achieve.

All in all its a pretty simple fairly easy waste of time. It has a neat graphic style (goomba in a top hat) and great sound effects with an awe inspiring score.  So go waste some time, and try not to blame me if you lose 4 hours of your life like i did one bored night.

The Lost Experience

Toss the Turtle