Filed under: Web Games — Cameron @ 4:01 pm May 3, 2010

Lady and gentleman i present you, Continuity.  Continuity is a side scrolling platform puzzle game / sliding puzzle.  Your objective in the game is fairly obvious, get the red key, open the red door.




It uses the standard arrow keys for movement and jumping and the space bar for sliding the stages around (more on that later).  As mentioned before your goal is to get the red key and go to the red door, the hard part is that to cross over into the next level  the two parts must match up perfectly at the side you are trying to move into.  Hitting the spacebar lets you rearrange the parts of the stage to move to the next area (see video  below).



As you progress through the game the levels get larger as the game adds more tiles to the stage and more twists and turns to each level.  Its one of the more original games I have played in a while. somehow successfully mixing those little plastic sliding puzzles you got as a kid with a platform sidescroller.

So go give it a try, and in case you missed the first two links, play it over at Kongregate.