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That is an acronym for Video Game Attention Deficit Disorder. I have to say that I do have ADHD, which is the same thing as ADD but with the inclusion of hyperactivity. I do have medicine to control it, though. There is one problem that still persists though. I never find myself completely playing through a game anymore!

I am starting to believe that it is not even linked with my mental illness. I think it is something deeper than that. There are those of us who don’t have this problem. However, those that do not have the problem are those that only play a few select games because they have more self control and do not have to go out and buy every single game that looks fun to them. I have the problem of broad taste. I’ve always had broad taste in everything: music, movies, TV, and now video games. ¬†We can not know for sure if broad taste is the only cause for this problem however.

NOOOO! Stop making games until I beat all of the ones I have please!!!!

I have a feeling that one of the big causes is the fact that the video game market is like a pen full of bunnies. A new game comes out so often nowadays. This is causing some gamers to experience VGADD. I know I’m not the only one out there. I have talked to some friends about it who share the same problem. I have even searched the web for others with the problem and found “Game Boy” a member of (yes, it is a real site, and for the record I am not gay, but I am not prejudice towards people who are) posting an opinion discussing his problem with not being able to beat games. He stated, “As much as I like a lot of games today, I sometimes get bored playing some of them, especially towards the end. Gameplay might get too repetitive, a spike in difficulty may exceed my patience, or, as it happens too often, something new comes out that steals my attention.”

I think there is only one cure for those of us who have this problem. We must learn some self-control and start keeping our video game playing to a stable amount of games and not go overboard with how many games we get. Thanks for reading, everybody!

Earthbound, I swear to you that one of these days I will beat you even though I always get sidetracked from some other game.