Gogurt, pudding, and how much I miss an old friend.

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tyler @ 6:58 pm June 25, 2010

So this morning I got my wisdom teeth ripped out. It was actually more like a nap. I woke up with bloody gauze in my mouth and the only thing I thought of it was “Cool. What a great excuse to take a vacation into my DS and play some Pokemon SoulSilver.” But alas, I started to think while stomping through the old gym leaders of Kanto. What if Kirby got his wisdom teeth pulled?

Think about it. Kirby’s power is eating other creatures and gaining their powers. If he ever got his wisdom teeth removed, he’d only be able to eat creatures with the consistency of yogurt, cottage cheese, or mashed potatoes.

But wait, maybe that’s why he’s switched to a yarn whip. Yes, apparently the next Kirby game he’s going Indiana Jones style and whipping butt instead of sucking it…(whoops, bad choice of words there, Tyler).

My first thought was, “Hey, they’re making some changes to the game mechanics there. Will it still be fun?” But then I thought, “Has a Kirby game ever not been fun?” I am very excited about this game along with all the other Nintendo first party games that were announced at E3 and the new NBA Jam game by EA looks promising! Yeah yeah, Wii doesn’t have as many great 3r party games as the other two systems. But let’s face it, those two systems don’t have as many great first party games as the Wii.

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