Frustration Monday

Filed under: Web Games — Cameron @ 5:02 pm June 21, 2010

This has been a bit of a hell week for me, so i thought I’d share my feelings with you with two of the most frustrating games i have ever played.

#1  Chase- Goose


In Chase – Goose you have to hit the right and left buttons to move your guys forward and hit the correct button to jump over the gap all while running away from the upside down chin monster.  I’ll warn you this game is hard, you have to pound the right and left arrow keys fast, for a long time all while trying to find the button you need to hit to jump (which changes every jump).  As you make it farther in the game you have to hold down the shift key as well as hitting right and left and still finding the correct jump key, then it starts making you do math to find the right button, its multitasking at its worst.  Speaking of multitasking….

#2 Multitask


In Multitask you have to control four different things at one time (the picture only shows three because I failed before the fourth one popped up).  You start off with a balance board and a red ball that you control with the arrow keys left and right.  It later adds the blue rectangle that you control with the up and down arrow keys to try and avoid the incoming arrows.  If you can make it past all of that (which really isn’t too hard) you get a green square that you control with the wasd keys.  The objective of the green square is to guide it to the squares with the number in it before time runs out in the square.  It adds a fourth one, but at the time of review i did not make it that far so I’ll let that be a mystery for you.


I hope these games can bring a little frustration to your week, i know they did for me.