My 2-in-1 post

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tyler @ 6:12 pm June 11, 2010

I honestly used to think that advertisement had no affect on me and I thought people were idiots for even listening to advertisement. I used to think it was all about people persuading others to buy their products. However, thanks to playing video games, I have recently learned that it is more about getting it out their in the media so people know it exists. Once they know it exists it could spark their curiousity.

For example: I’ve been playing a lot of Monster Hunter Tri lately. I love it! When looking up info on what items I need for certain combinations and where to find them I happened on a website with data on everything Monster Hunter. I noticed something on Monster Hunter Portable 3rd coming out later this year in Japan. I clicked on it and I became intrigued. I found myself wanting the game already even though there is not a scheduled US release yet (it will probably come out here a year after it is released in Japan though). However, I don’t even own a PSP and I actually found myself seriously thinking about getting it just because I saw one game that looked really interesting to me. I snapped myself out of it and told myself to not worry about it until the game ┬ácomes out and then if I have the money to get a PSP then, well why not. If I do not have the money well then I won’t get it. I find myself dwelling on how I’m going to save up for a game that I saw in a tiny advertisement or news article online. Maybe it’s because I play one game and then I get the urge to play every other game of that series which is very impractical and time consuming.

That’s how powerful advertisement can be my friends.

This brings me to my other discussion: Specialization. I bought a Wii and DS when the current gen consoles came out. I love Mario, Zelda, Samus, and Pokemon and I only had the money to really get one system. Wii and DS have the franchises I love plus the consoles themselves and the game are the most inexpensive so that was a bonus. I have been having hours of fun with my favorite Nintendo made characters and those few “under-the-radar” third party gems that I love to play.

However, I am not an elitist and I do find many other games on the Microsoft and Sony systems that are very interesting to me and I also enjoy playing them very much if one of my friends happens to have them. But like my mom always says, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” and like my dad always says, “You think I can sh*t money!?” My parents taught me so much =]. Even if I had all the money in the world, I certainly do not have all the time in the world to play all these great video games out there. If I did own all three home consoles and both handhelds I would have to learn some more self control with buying games because I own around 15 Wii games and still haven’t beaten them all because I also spend time on my DS games and games for PS2, Gamecube, N64, PSX, SNES, Genesis, and other retro systems I own. If I stopped buying new games all together, I’d have enough games to keep me busy for the next 4 to 6 years probably!

Sorry I rambled on there! All I’m trying to say is that next time you know somebody who only has one of the systems don’t think to yourself “Well, he’s missing out on the other systems!” because you know what? You are probably missing out on some cool video games too. One thing I’ve learned in life is to enjoy what you can and not worry about what you may miss out on from time to time because no matter how you live your life, you will always miss out on something.


And always remember, if you make a mistake that’s not big enough to have to reset, just Push Button B! (I just made that up; that is not the site’s slogan, because that would probably be a bad slogan. I make cheesy slogans haha)