Hello Worlds!

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Hello Worlds! is a indie flash game that’s been getting a bit of air time lately, and it deserves it.  Hello Worlds! is a puzzle platformer where your mission is to get your little spider guy through the exit door of each level to collect stars to progress through the game.  You earn stars by collecting all of the coins in a stage, by finishing a stage and by completing the stage in a certain amount of time.

hello world

Each of these door sin the main world lead to an “Overworld” where there are more levels to choose from, and this is when it starts getting interesting. 


The level is split into multiple panes sometimes one sometimes up to four, but the trick is that you control all of the guys at once.  The red door is your exit and the green door removes that part of the stage from the level.  The goal in this level is to remove the stages in the right order to let you get the coins and make it out of the level. Be cautious because if you remove them in the wrong order you may get stuck, fortunately you can hit “V” to rewind and try again without having to restart.  You can hit “C” to see what the level would look like if it were all together.  As you can see some of the coins are inaccessible and the red door is buried pretty deep until you remove some of the stages.

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Robot Wants a Puppy

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I now have 100% more internets than I had yesterday and I’m trying to get caught back up with what’s happened with the world. A note for all of you internet users out there, if your connection dies and there is an up coming holiday weekend you might as well rent a boat and go fishing cause its not getting fixed anytime soon.   But I digress, you came here for a game and that’s what I’ll give you.

 robot wants puppy


Robot Wants Puppy is a sequel to Robot Wants Kitty, which is another great game you’ll have to play for yourself.  Its obvious that you accomplished the mission of the first game because you are a robot with a cat on his head (sorry to ruin the surprise).  Your goal is to acquire the puppy by unlocking doors and defeating enemies and even defeating bosses to open up the puppy’s cage.




Starting off you have no attacks and limited mobility, and its your job to find power ups and new attack modes (throwing your cat at bad guys to attack them).  You use the arrow keys to move and jump and later on perform special moves.  You progress by finding door keys 1-9 to let you through the corresponding door and finding the next power up or key.  Its a pretty basic puzzle platformer with simple controls but it can get frustratingly hard as the game progresses.  Expect to die…a lot, but unlike most games there is no penalty for dying you just respawn at the nearest spawn point and continue on from there. 

Go on on over to Kongregate to play and sign in to get the achievements.  And if you get stuck hit the jump for a video walkthrough.


Tuper Tario Tros.

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Since Cameron is having Internet troubles this week (no Internet = Trouble), I’m going to take this space to tell you about a web game in his stead: Tuper Tario Tros.

The title of this game might lead you to believe that this game has something to do with the Super Mario Bros. games, and you’d be kind of right. It starts off like a clone of Super Mario Bros. (albeit with a huge playfield)

Looks are deceiving

But very quickly, you run into a brick wall (literally)

I don't remember this part from the original

And if you hit Space like you’re instructed to, you suddenly switch to Tetris Mode, and have to start laying down bricks in the familiar Tetrimino shapes to build platforms to proceed.

Which means that you have to try and manage Mario jumping around like his shoes are on fire, the endless stream of Goombas that fall from the pipes above, and build platforms to make it across the increasingly impossible-to-cross gaps

The stage culminates with you having to build a castle out of Tetriminoes (kind of like Tetris Party’s Shadow Mode) so you can go in and do whatever it is that Mario does at the end of the stages in those little fortresses.

And that’s it! The game’s actually kind of on the short side with the one level to go through, but that might be enough for you. The novelty of switching back and forth kind of wore off for me about halfway through playing the thing. But it’s worth it to get to the end at least once, so you can say that you did.

And it’s not even that hard.

You can play Tuper Tario Tros. at Newgrounds.

Huge Wastes of Time

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Well, with the finale of LOST done and over, and with most viewers left wanting more, i thought i would point you guys toward The Lost Experience.  TLE was a web/TV/newsprint based tie in to the popular series that gave background information about the Hanso corporation.  It was laid out like a puzzle where you got clues “subliminally” given to you by quick flashes of fake commercials showed on TV during LOST.  I won’t take the time to walk you through it since the LOST wiki does such a good job.  It launched in 2006 and ended the same year I believe, so unfortunately most of the info is no longer at the old websites, but you can still see it all on the wiki.  So for all you fans out there that want more check it out.

Now on to more time wasting.


Yes that is a turtle in a cannon, the game is called Toss the Turtle and you have only one goal, shoot a turtle out of a cannon.  Its pretty much like all the other games were you try and launch something as far as you can, its got upgrades for your tank that launch the turtle farther, rockets to propel him faster, nukes to send him flying and various bonuses lying about the stages.  And since it’s on Kongregate  you have the option to sign in and get achievements and who doesn’t like achievements?  Here’s a fella getting the 3,000,000 feet achievement that i could not, after 4 hours of play, achieve.

All in all its a pretty simple fairly easy waste of time. It has a neat graphic style (goomba in a top hat) and great sound effects with an awe inspiring score.  So go waste some time, and try not to blame me if you lose 4 hours of your life like i did one bored night.

The Lost Experience

Toss the Turtle

Tiny Castle

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Well, once again its Monday, booo.  How about some Tiny Castle to get your week started off?!  Tiny Castle, much like every platform game before it, is a save the princess game.   Your mission is to traverse the obstacles of the castle and try to make your way to the princess locked in a cage.


The picture may make it look easy….and it is, but its not that easy.  Tiny Castle’s landscape changes every time you complete a new part of the game taking the princess further away from your grasp.  The puzzles are fairly straight forward, smash this thing, unlock that door, kill that thing, but they all seemed pretty well thought out and I felt like I was playing something pretty solid.


The game isn’t very long and it isn’t very difficult, but it is a lot of fun.  The controls are simple, arrow keys to move and space to use your sword.  The puzzles and classic side scrolling chop-em-up action never got tiring and i enjoyed it all the way through its big boss level.

You can play it here at Nitrome or just hit the link above.

You’re going to hate me.

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Today I present you two very different, very unique games.  The first is one that kept me up all night a few years back and the second one will make you punch a kitten… in the face.

P4X is a web based 150 level riddle.  According to the website only 31 out of the 215,000 people to ever start it have finished it, and I am not one of them.  The riddles, which are more like puzzles than riddles, start off extremely easy and slowly take a turn for the worse.  To complete the riddles you have to do everything from viewing the source code for the page to image editing to messing with sound tracks for hidden Morse code messages.  It’s hard to describe it, so save me some time and go play it and let me know what you think.  I gets hard, really really hard, but if you get stuck so hard you want to rage quit there are hints and walkthroughs of some of the stages to be found linked from the site.  So if you are a fan of riddles and puzzles I highly recommend it.

[Update]  It turns our that the hints that use to be there are now gone and have been replaced with hints that you have to pay for…how lame. Fortunately there are still hints up in the forums for the site.

Next up is The Impossible Quiz.  Contrary to the game’s name, it is quite possible to finish the quiz, but it won’t be easy.


The game is full of nonsense questions and puzzles that are so devious and evil I guarantee you will hate me for showing this to you.  The quiz is half multiple choice and half puzzles, none of which make any sense.

impossible 3You get 3 lives, and once they are gone the game is over and you have to try again, which will happen, I promise.  Seriously, this is hard, like….talking to a 2 year old hard.  But with some time you’ll eventually know most all of the answers through trial and error and realize that the 2 year old has pooped his pants and you’re the only one left to clean it up.  But have no fear, there is some slight hope.  Randomly through the quiz there are points where you can earn level skip tokens, which can come in handy, except on the levels you can’t skip…

Here’s another picture.


I highly recommend you check these out, especially P4X, it’s challenging and very well thought out.  If this website had stars I’d give it 5/5.  Impossible quiz is a great game to play when you aren’t frustrated and want to be.



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Lady and gentleman i present you, Continuity.  Continuity is a side scrolling platform puzzle game / sliding puzzle.  Your objective in the game is fairly obvious, get the red key, open the red door.




It uses the standard arrow keys for movement and jumping and the space bar for sliding the stages around (more on that later).  As mentioned before your goal is to get the red key and go to the red door, the hard part is that to cross over into the next level  the two parts must match up perfectly at the side you are trying to move into.  Hitting the spacebar lets you rearrange the parts of the stage to move to the next area (see video  below).



As you progress through the game the levels get larger as the game adds more tiles to the stage and more twists and turns to each level.  Its one of the more original games I have played in a while. somehow successfully mixing those little plastic sliding puzzles you got as a kid with a platform sidescroller.

So go give it a try, and in case you missed the first two links, play it over at Kongregate.

Upgrade Complete

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Upgrade Complete is a top down arcade shooter with a twist.  Your goal is to not only beat the game, but fully upgrade it as well.  You have to upgrade everything, and i mean EVERYTHING.  You start out with a simple black and white screen telling you that you need to buy the menu screen before you can play the game.


  upgrade complete

From there you then have to go upgrade your menu buttons and buy a proper game preloader to load the game.Once you do that  you will finally be greeted with a menu, and you can start playing the game from there.


Small Worlds

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Well its Monday again and if you’re anything like me you could use something a bit relaxing to start your week with.  So today i present you:  Small Worlds.  Small Worlds is an award winning  8-bit style exploration game that is quite beautiful in its simplicity.

small worlds (more…)

Karoshi : Suicide Salaryman

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KAroshi 1

Karoshi Suicide Salaryman is a great game from 2008 that changes everything you know about platform puzzle games.  Your mission is to guide a funny little “salaryman”  through 50 hair pulling, monitor punching stages. Unlike most games, instead of guiding your man through each level to arrive safely at the other side, in Karoshi your one and only mission is to kill yourself.  Whether it be jumping into a pit of spikes or dropping a safe on your head this game will keep you guessing for different ways to end it all.  Sounds easy right? WRONG!


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