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Upgrade Complete is a top down arcade shooter with a twist.  Your goal is to not only beat the game, but fully upgrade it as well.  You have to upgrade everything, and i mean EVERYTHING.  You start out with a simple black and white screen telling you that you need to buy the menu screen before you can play the game.


  upgrade complete

From there you then have to go upgrade your menu buttons and buy a proper game preloader to load the game.Once you do that  you will finally be greeted with a menu, and you can start playing the game from there.

upgrade complete -2

The game treats you with terrible graphics, no sound and cruddy gameplay, all of which need to be upgraded to be more enjoyable.  Upgrading things cost money, and the only way to earn money is to play the missions.  The actual game plays much like all of the other top down shooters you have ever played with the exception that it lets you fully customize your ship.  You have the option to place guns and other items where ever you want around the perimeter  of your ship with up to 12 different items at once (guns, missiles, lightning towers, money magnets…)


Partially upgraded menu

The game gets progressively more difficult and it forces you to make upgrades to your ship to survive.  Everything you buy in the game can be upgraded from your guns to the games graphics to the menu background, making it easier to continue on.  You win the game by collecting  enough money to upgrade everything and you can finally view the game in all its fully upgraded glory.

If you are up for the challenge head on over to Kongregate and give it a whirl.

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