Small Worlds

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Well its Monday again and if you’re anything like me you could use something a bit relaxing to start your week with.  So today i present you:  Small Worlds.  Small Worlds is an award winning  8-bit style exploration game that is quite beautiful in its simplicity.

small worlds

The game features no enemies and no other obstacles other than finding your way to the end of the stage.  It reminds me of old rpgs i use to play where you can only see in the immediate area around you and everything else is just black.. (show below)

small worlds 2

But as you explore you light up more of the level and the camera pans out to show all you have discovered.  (See below, same level as previously shown)  Your only goal is to get from point A to point b, point b being some sort of teleporter that takes you back to the main level where you can journey on to the next level.  The trick is you have no idea where the level exit is and if you find it the path to it is never as easy as it looks.

small worlds 3

Its a game that reminds me of the good old days of gaming where you didn’t have to have amazing graphics or a good story, you could just play a game because it was fun.  With a mixture of some pretty neat 8-bit level design and the games calming music it makes for a great little adventure.  The game itself isn’t very long, but its definitely long enough.  Its such a simple concept that turns out to be not only quite beautiful but quite a bit of fun as well.  So head on over to Armor Games and give it a try.


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