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We seem to be having a lack of writers these days, I’m not really sure where they have gone to, but they appear to be dead.  So,  in their place i trolled the internet for something worthy to show you today, and i found it.  I present you, the mighty Chipophone.

This guy built this damn thing and he deserves song sort of congressional medal because of it.  It was designed for live chiptune playing, which basically means this man can play video game music on his homemade organ.  The build quality of this thing is remarkable.  The sound reproduction seems flawless as does his playing.  Its fine Swiss engineering at its best.  If you want to see more of the build on this thing or just get more info go to his site http://www.linusakesson.net/chipophone/index.php .   There’s a bunch of other really nerdy stuff there too, I haven’t had much time to look through it all but I’m sure there’s other interesting stuff there as well.  Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Yahtzee Time

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If you are anything like me you love playing games. Whether they be video games or board games or even the dreaded out doors sports games, it doesn’t matter, games are fun and we all love playing them.  There has been a trend over the past few years where companies seem to be getting confused at what they are making.  One of the latest in a long line is Super Mario Yahtzee.


What does the world of Mario have to do with Yahtzee? Nothing.  Do we want this, you bet.  I’m not sure who the marketing genius was that figured out that if you put Nintendo characters on anything people will buy it even if they already have the same thing without the Nintendo characters, but give him a medal.  The game is exactly the same as the Yahtzee you know and love except that the dice feature pictures of the different power ups and comes with a snazzy question block to roll the dice with.  For $19.99 it would be a great addition to any geeks gaming collection so go on  over to thinkgeek and check it out. 

Nintendo Mushroom Sours

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Continuing our culinary video game journey, this week I’m going to try an apparent staple of Mario’s diet: Nintendo Mushroom Sours.

They look innocent enough, right? Expressionless eyes staring straight… into your soul! Begging you to rip their caps off and chew on the sweet treats that lie within.

So I did.


The candies look about like you’d expect. Like miniature mushrooms in vaguely the same shape as the containers, but with a little less fidelity. Kind of like when your favorite person is translated into action figure form.


I took a whiff of each container and was greeted with… not much, actually. I cheated and took a look at the flavors that were allegedly in these things: the red ones are supposed to be cherry and the green ones apple. But what they really smell like is what you remember apple or cherry-flavored candy would smell like. Muted. Distant. Understated.

Taste & Texture:

With no other option left open to me, I decided to dive in. First was the green one. It tasted faintly like apple-flavored candy, a.k.a. green-flavored. Not too bad, but not too good either, and, in fact, I had to eat two at a time to get enough flavor for my tongue to realize that I wasn’t just eating chips of chalk. Red was pretty much the same story: chalky, bland, and nearly flavorless. To be honest, they seem like they’re little more than just mushroom-shaped Pez.

They’re not bad, but they’re not really great, either. Really, the draw here is that they’re shaped like Mario-universe, and they’re kind of neat to display on your desk or tchotchke shelf or what have you. But that’s about it.

Light post Friday now a bit heavier

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Well, since we have a bit of a lack of content today I figured I’d surprise everyone with some bonus material.  As a musician myself (yes I actually play an instrument) I really enjoy when people go out of there way to redo some classic video game music.  One of the neatest moments I’ve witnessed was seeing the live fully orchestrated Final Fantasy concert in Chicago a few years back.  So in honor of video game musicians everywhere I present you with my favorite video game music covers (and some originals).

The Mario Kart song

 Nintendo Themed Talent Show Medley

 Random RPG Acoustic Cover

Hit the jump for a ton more…


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I hate watching youtube videos and being blasted with those stupid popup annotations, heres how to get rid of them.

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