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Well, since we have a bit of a lack of content today I figured I’d surprise everyone with some bonus material.  As a musician myself (yes I actually play an instrument) I really enjoy when people go out of there way to redo some classic video game music.  One of the neatest moments I’ve witnessed was seeing the live fully orchestrated Final Fantasy concert in Chicago a few years back.  So in honor of video game musicians everywhere I present you with my favorite video game music covers (and some originals).

The Mario Kart song

 Nintendo Themed Talent Show Medley

 Random RPG Acoustic Cover

Hit the jump for a ton more…

Shredding the FFVII Battle Theme


 Most EPIC Marching Band EVAR!


 Hair Metal Mario


 Halo Theme With Rockin Violin

Big Band Mario and Zelda

 Orchestrated Metal Gear Solid Theme

Beautiful Mario 2 Acoustic Cover

Chrono Trigger with Accordion

I think that’s enough for tonight, I hope you enjoyed some of these as much as I did.  I have tons more so maybe if you like this I’ll put some more up later.  Things are back to normal now so check back in on Monday for my normal post and I’ll see you there.

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