I hear voices…

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You might think of a soundtrack as mostly inconsequential until you hear a very bad one or a really great one.

One of my least favorites is the soundtrack for Loaded which is a Playstation game I played for a while in 1996.
The game itself was frustrating and hard to look at and the soundtrack began to eat away at my sanity after just a week of playing. It didn’t help that a few of the songs included on the soundtrack featured lyrics. They weren’t just background noise… they were imposing, distracting, fully realized songs that seemed to start over every 10 minutes. Why did anyone think that was a good idea?

Did you play this game?

I’m extremely thankful for the advancement in game-making since then.

My favorite soundtrack belongs to Final Fantasy 9 which is my favorite of all the Final Fantasy games.

The sound ranges from pleasant, cheerful, sentimental, melancholy, & foreboding. It’s perfectly balanced and enjoyable. It rises and falls with the game.
This is one of the only game soundtracks I’ve ever listened to away from the console.

Here is just a little medley sampling on youtube:
Top 12 Final Fantasy IX songs

What’s your favorite video game soundtrack? Or your least favorite?