Here’s the Deal

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I started my Master’s this summer and it is keeping me busier than I’d like, so there’s my excuse for not posting last Tuesday. My wife and I got the new iPhone 4 and have been playing a lot of games for it lately. Instead of a review, I have an assignment for you: Go find someone with an iThing (pod, pad, phone, etc.) and if they don’t already have Angry Birds installed on it, I want you to give them $3.00 and tell them that you NEED to play it. Angry Birds has been #1 on the Most Popular, Top Grossing, and Favorite Game list on the iTunes App Store for around a month now, with good reason.

Go. Do it. Now.

One Button Bob

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Greetings and salutations.  I’m feeling kind of lazy today, it was a bit of a long weekend.  I was looking through my game library  to find a game that required the least amount of movement from me as possible.  My solution…


The Adventures of One Button Bob!!!11!!!oneone!!!eleven!!!!1!1 Sit back and relax, you don’t even need to lean forward to use the keyboard, so loosen the bolt on your swivel chair and lean that baby all the way back cause all you need for this adventure is the mouse .  TAoOBB is a side scrolling adventure platforming game.  It starts off with a commodore loading screen and then the actions begins…and by action i mean the title screen seen above and a super catchy theme song, so catchy in fact that I’m including a youtube video for it made by someone that is most definitely not me.  Its no Robot Unicorn Attack, but its got some bitchin sweet guitar riffs and 100% less androgynous man woman singing.

On with the game.  In TAoOBB you use the left mouse button to deal with a number of different tasks that each level presents you.  like in this level …


…you use the button to throw the boomerang at the batty and that only, it has no other function…until the next level, that is.


Now you use it to make him move forward onto the moving platform by holding it in.  There are only a few basic types of levels that get harder as you progress.  You throw, climb, stop, go and jump your way through the games few levels.  Its fairly easy to get to the end, its more of a beat the game in as few clicks as possible type game, but it will provide you with a few minutes of good fun.  Your clicks are rewarded at the end with a boss level that I guarantee will make you cuss.  My score was 350 clicks, see if you can beat that (should be easy i didn’t do to great at the boss stage).

Play it here at Armor Games…or here or here or here or here or here or here or here

bulk discount

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via kanmei

Tilt to Live

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Game: Tilt to Live
Purchased from: The iTunes Store
Price paid: $1.99
Platform: iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch

Tilt to Live is a game that reminds me a whole lot of I MAED A GAM3 WITH ZOMBIES IN 1T!!!1. Like Zombies, it stars you in the middle of a field of things that aren’t you and that are trying to end your game. Unlike Zombies, though, your main weapon is your maneuverability. You have to tilt and turn your iPhone (or other iDevice) to slide your little arrow-guy around the playfield and avoid the Red Dots that spawn everwhere. The goal? Collect the Weapon Orbs, destroy as many of the Dots as possible, amass points, and repeat. It’s really that simple.

The draw to this game is its simplicity: it’s you against an unending army of dots, and its length: a full game takes me anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes. Meaning that you have time to play this pretty much any time you have a couple minutes to burn.

The downside? The only one that I can think of is the weapon selection. You get several ways to inflict Mass Doom(tm) on the Dots, but for some reason this game likes to give me the most boring powerup of all, the Nuke, more frequently than anything else, sometimes six or seven times in a row. That makes for a few boring matches, but the rest of the time, when they’re more random… Whoa-ho! Fun times!

Action Turnip

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here, play action turnip, run jump shoot, and listen to the groovy soundtrackturnip

Happy holiday weekend.


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Click that link and enter the beautiful world of fan made remixes to video game music. You can find almost anything.

There’s really not much I can say about the site, you just have to go and listen, and it’s something that all video game fans (especially fans of the classics) should love!

They have individual songs, and a few albums (an album is either a collection of one style, one subject, or a remix of the soundtrack to one game).

You can find a lot on this site, and satisfy your withdrawals caused from lack of nostalgia without having to dig out your Super Nintendo.

I would love to see comments on any thoughts of the site! Please enjoy!

Knit your own baby-sized Link costume

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Download the free pattern, via craftster

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