One Button Bob

Filed under: Web Games — Cameron @ 3:05 pm July 12, 2010

Greetings and salutations.  I’m feeling kind of lazy today, it was a bit of a long weekend.  I was looking through my game library  to find a game that required the least amount of movement from me as possible.  My solution…


The Adventures of One Button Bob!!!11!!!oneone!!!eleven!!!!1!1 Sit back and relax, you don’t even need to lean forward to use the keyboard, so loosen the bolt on your swivel chair and lean that baby all the way back cause all you need for this adventure is the mouse .  TAoOBB is a side scrolling adventure platforming game.  It starts off with a commodore loading screen and then the actions begins…and by action i mean the title screen seen above and a super catchy theme song, so catchy in fact that I’m including a youtube video for it made by someone that is most definitely not me.  Its no Robot Unicorn Attack, but its got some bitchin sweet guitar riffs and 100% less androgynous man woman singing.

On with the game.  In TAoOBB you use the left mouse button to deal with a number of different tasks that each level presents you.  like in this level …


…you use the button to throw the boomerang at the batty and that only, it has no other function…until the next level, that is.


Now you use it to make him move forward onto the moving platform by holding it in.  There are only a few basic types of levels that get harder as you progress.  You throw, climb, stop, go and jump your way through the games few levels.  Its fairly easy to get to the end, its more of a beat the game in as few clicks as possible type game, but it will provide you with a few minutes of good fun.  Your clicks are rewarded at the end with a boss level that I guarantee will make you cuss.  My score was 350 clicks, see if you can beat that (should be easy i didn’t do to great at the boss stage).

Play it here at Armor Games…or here or here or here or here or here or here or here