Balloon in a Wasteland

Filed under: Web Games — Cameron @ 4:15 pm June 14, 2010

This weeks game is Balloon in a Wasteland.  You play as a fella with a snazzy hat trying to repair your crashed hot air balloon .  The game has a tower defense type feel to it but i wouldn’t call it one.  Your objective is to fend off hoards of black blobby things all while trying to repair your balloon.


As the game progresses it throws more and more blobs at you until there’s more than you can handle.  To fight back you can upgrade your weapons, build a fort that keeps you safe while the enemies pass, lay down traps and even build turrets on your fort.  If you do not upgrade the enemies move slow enough that you will never get enough time to repair your balloon between waves and the game will go on forever.  You also have to watch your stamina bar because once it gets below 50% your accuracy starts dropping fast, so don’t forget to hop into your fort and sleep for a bit to quickly refill it.


The one thing that usually keeps me away from these types of games is that there is never a real objective or an end. In BIAW once you get the balloon up, you win.  I quite enjoyed the game, it had a good pace and the art style was very good to convey you being stranded in a field with a bunch of bad guys.  I didn’t notice until i was done with it that it was made by the same guy that made Achievement Unlocked and a few other really good games I know will show up on this site here soon.

I hope you enjoy Balloon in a Westland as much as i did.

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