Kung-Fu He-Man

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Continuing our journey down the sometimes twisted ROM hacks we have this… gem. It’s a game where the guy from Kung-Fu has been replaced by He-Man.

And, while I’m sure the other things in this game are supposed to be other characters from that universe and everything, I don’t recognize any of them.

And I still haven’t figured out why he doesn’t use that sweet sword when he’s beating these ninjas to death.

TIE Fighter

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This might hurt my geek score a little bit, but I wasn’t hugely into Star Wars. I like the series and everything, but I don’t get into discussions about who shot first, or that parsecs measure distance and not time, or stuff like that.

But someone out there liked the series enough to cram the characters from it into Super Mario Bros. And they replaced Mario with… a TIE fighter?

Uh, OK?

In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea for me to create a video where a character who’s almost monochrome black on a black background, but it makes the bizarro details stand out just a bit more, so it all balances out.

Mario Dragon

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Okay, so we’ve seen games where the Mario universe has been altered to look like other games, but what about where other universes are swapped around to look like Mario’s universe?

Well, we have those, too

Of course, I’m not really surprised Mario is such a brawler, I mean, he did make an appearance in all of the Smash Bros. games, after all.

Anti-Hippie Dr. Mario

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In the huge number of games Mario appeared in, I never got the impression that he was anti-hippie. Good thing this game turned up and made me all the wiser.

I don’t really know why Mario has bottles full of microscopic hippies, or what’s in those mysterious capsules that’s making them die, but if I stopped to ask questions like that, I probably wouldn’t have kept playing this thing.

You’ll notice that I start falling apart toward the end of the second round. That’s because the bizarro symbols that the viruses have been metamorphosed into are harder to see than the single-colors that they used to be.

Ah well.


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For this week’s walk on the Weird Side, instead of taking a look at a Mario game with other characters crowbarred into it, how about a non-Mario game with Mario characters crobarred into that? Mauntlet takes the Gauntlet game we’re all familiar with and inserts Mario, Link, Mega Man, and Bart Simpson (for some reason) into the mix.

The enemies and powerups are replaced with approximations of their Mario Universe equivalents, but since I was never able to beat regular Gauntlet, I don’t know how complete the transformation is.

UPS Bros.

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It seems that the original Super Mario Bros. is a frequent target for ‘hacking’, and by ‘hacking’ I, of course, mean ‘replacing the sprites with weird stuff’. Like this one that crowbars in lots of shipping references. Mario turns into a UPS truck and has to contend with evil soldiers from the FedEx army.

I had no idea that the rivalry was this fierce.

Paper Mortal Kombat

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I’m in the midst of moving all of my worldly possessions into a new house, and that means that I’m going to have to tide you over with a video this week, featuring papercraft and Mortal Kombat

Which makes me wonder why nobody’s combined these things before.

Thanks to the reader who sent this in!

Evil Dead – Zelda 2

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I can honestly say that during all of my late night gaming sessions, delirium brought on by ridiculously high fevers, and nightmares induced by watching Mind of Mencia right before bed, I never thought to myself: “Gee, it’d be awesome to see Ash from the Evil Dead movies replace Link in Zelda 2.”

But someone who probably lives too close to some powerlines actually did think that… and then actually acted on it.

Now try to sleep tonight, I dare ya.

Modern Warfare

Filed under: Misc — Cameron @ 1:39 pm August 27, 2010

If you’re a fan of Modern Warfare and also a fan of the fans of Modern Warfare, you may just like this.

Tom Servo

Filed under: Misc,Potant Potables — Will @ 10:00 am August 25, 2010

If you’ve never seen Mystery Science Theater 3000, you might not get much out of this post. Sorry about that.

But we continue our journey through the wilderness of unlicensed and bizarre Nintendo game hacks with Tom Servo. A game that takes the sprites of Mega Man 3 and replaces them with characters from the MST3K universe as well as a pretty big assortment of randomness.

I blow a lot of jumps in this video, mostly because Tom doesn’t have feet, so it’s kind of tough to determine how close he is to the edge of a platform. And I don’t know what Kenny from South Park has to do with Mystery Science Theater 3000.

But then I repeat to myself, “It’s just a video game, I should really just relax”.

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